Grant Proposal



Background and Introduction

The American Movement for Israel (AMI) is an open, multi-opinioned, pro-Israel student group that strives to educate about and advocate for the State of Israel through cultural, social, and political events. AMI also works to engage and cultivate the pro-Israel community, while building an overarching bridge to connect all pro-Israel students on campus both to each other and to the State of Israel. AMI has successfully put on a wide variety of political, cultural, social and education events, and prides itself on its ability to put a distinctive twist on campus engagement. Artists4Isarel is an organization that adds a unique aspect to the typical pro-Israel rhetoric. This “unique aspect” refers to a wide variety of art forms ranging from graffiti art to live performances.  A4I also offers educational seminars, lectures and art classes as ways to engage people from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems. 

The program AMI would like to bring to campus from October 29th to November 1st is A4I’s very own campus engagement program, Engage*Educate*Sparypaint, where local artists invade campus to promote Israel through different forms of art. AMI hopes to have a live art demonstration in the Diag  (which is the heart of central campus) including illustration, graffiti, fine art, dance and street performance. This would be in addition to an educational seminar with the artists who will be working on the live demonstration.


The reason AMI feels so strongly about this program is because we feel that Artists4Israel and the American Movement for Israel share a common philosophy. That philosophy is that the best way to engage the community is by being both out-of-the-ordinary and unifying.  As AMI searched for programs to bring to campus last year, we found Artists4Israel to be extremely unusual and intriguing. We feel that art is something that is innately human and therefore inspiring to all as well as an excellent indicator of important American values, such as freedom of speech. As a result, AMI hopes to engage students who are intrigued by the happenings in the Diag. We hope that they will see support for Israel in a brand new light.  We especially like the message A4I sends—it relays a strong pro-Israel message without any aggressive tendencies.  We have found in the past that many apathetic students are turned off by fliers, demonstration and other public, Pro-Israel events. We feel that this program will appeal to the apathetic student who will find that art is the thing that inevitably awakens their interest in Israel.


1. Engage*Educate*Spraypaint: Artists 4 Israel brings New York graffiti legends as well as local heroes to paint a massive pro-Israel mural(s) on campus. These murals all center around the theme: "Israel Supports the Arts. We Support Israel". The mural is interactive, A4I will teach students how to spraypaint and they find they get a wide and diverse group of the student body that joins in, "tagging" (signing) their name to this pro-Israel sentiment. The artists are not Jewish. They are usually black or Latino and have a credibility other organizations cannot replicate. After the mural is complete, it is either left up as a permanent reminder of Israel's freedoms or donated to the Hillel building.

2. Speakers: The artists, usually recently returned from Israel, speak about their own personal experiences and what they learned in Israel. Other types of discussions and lectures are also a part of the program

3. A DJ and/or performers: A4I can host their own party with NY DJs spinning great music and hip-hop and R&B performers attracting a large crowd.

 Day-by-Day Agenda

October 31st: Arrival

            Activity 1: Leadership Training led by Executive Director and Advocacy Specialist, Craig Dershowitz.

  • Open to Hillel members and student leaders of Israel-based student groups.

            Activity 2: Israel Behind the Scenes:

  • A short presentation and Q and A section with our world famous, non-Jewish artists who have traveled to Israel.  

            Promotional Activities: Visiting campus events, campus tour, hand-out promotional collateral

            Planning Meeting (Optional): With Hillel staff/volunteers and A4I team

November 1: Mural

            10am-12pm: Erect canvas

            12 - 5pm: Painting

            5 - 8pm: Break down and gift canvas to appropriate recipient

            5 - 8pm (optional): Off-campus art gallery reception

            8 - 10pm (optional): On-campus party

November 2: Departure

            Activity 1: Debriefing with Hillel professionals and student leaders

            Activity 2: Future planning session

            Activity 3: Social media coordination (sharing videos, pictures and strategies for maximum exposure.